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The Departure Co.,Ltd. was incorporated in Thailand in 2008 as a full-fledged Travel Destination ,Tour Management MICE planner, School trips, and AEC Trading Agency in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Udon Thani.

We specialise in both Inbound & Outbound tours and trading where we provide a comprehensive list of travel services to cater to your holiday or business trip in any part of Thailand or around Asia.
Let us arrange flight tickets and visas, car rental service , holiday packages, accomodations, meals, tourist attractions to suite your needs. Whatever business or holiday, we strive to deliver that unforgettable travel experience to you. Your best travel assistant you can rely on, don't leave home without us when in Asia or Thailand.



 Where are we ?

Udon Thani Office : 
539/47 Prosri Road,Mark-keng,Muang,Udon Thani 41000
Tel: +6642 221083 Fax: +664 248007
Mob: +66(095)190 9991 

All of our Travel & Tour Services

Inbound & Outbound Tours service

Package tour in thailand

Need help? We can help you choose the ideal package that suits your travel plans or arrange a wide range of customized Inbound & Outbound travel itineraries.  We provide quality tour services to and from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Udon Thani, and any top destinations within Thailand as well as internationally.  Our speciality and expertise are inclusive of sightseeing tours, field trips, personal transportation, conferences and seminars, events management, team-building and sport activities, golf tour packages, study and educational tours, community and cultural trips.   Our mission is to provide our clients the unforgettable travel experience when in Thailand.

Airline Ticketing Service

airline ticketing service in udon thani


We provide both domestic and international air ticketing services.  Tell us your plans, destination and place of embarkation, travelling date, travel class, and all other necessary details. Then leave the ticketing arrangements to us.   Once done, our ticketing expert will then return to you as soon as possible




Car Rental Service

car rental service in udon thani


Car hire in Thailand is no longer a confusing or expensive affair. We offer the best car rental service in town with a fleet of over 30 well maintained cars and vans.  Our vehicles include first-class insurances, pick-up & drop-offs at airports and unlimited mileage, Just call us or visit our offices in the respective cities.

Visa Application & Visa Run Service

visa application service in uodn thani

We provide a one-stop centre for visa applications to countries around the world. Our visa application services department deals directly with the foreign embassy to secure your visa, so you can concentrate on your business or pleasure trip.  Please note that we only assist in the application process of a visa with the respective embassies and all approval or rejection is up to the discretion of the embassy.  List of visas may include Business Visas, Tourist Visas, Work Visas, and all other visa types. 

We also arrange visa runs to Vientiane where an English-speaking staff will accompany you.  If you are a foreigner, staying in any part of Thailand and wish to extend your stay in the kingdom, you can 

Hotel Reservation Service

hotel reservation in udon thani

Why spend hours searching for a hotel from thousands of online hotel booking websites when you can just call or email to us; tell us your holiday or business trip plans and let our reservations personnel choose the best hotel deals within a short time. Besides, being the travel experts, we are able to recommend and choose the hotels that matches budget, safety and cleanliness.



Transfer service
transfer service in udon thani

We arrange minivans and limousine services to provide transfers from International or Domestic Airports to the city. We can also arrange mini-vans and limousines to Nong Khai, Loei, Chiang Khan, Vientiane or anywhere in Thailand according to your booking request. 

Travel Insurance service

Travel insurance in udon thani

No matter how far, how long, or how often you travel, we can help to provide the right travel insurance coverage for you.  Coverage includes travel essentials such as medical expenses, repatriation and emergency evacuation, baggage loss, travel delays, etc.  There are many different types of travel insurance coverage, ranging from single/return trips or even annual policies for trips lasting up to as many as 180 days.  An annual policy can be the most economical choice if you travel frequently.
Inbound Tour

Outbound Tour

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The Departure Travel & Tours – Destination Management and Tourism Consultant The Departure Travel & Tours Company is the leading inbound and outbound specialized tour operator in Thailand since 2008, delivering innovative, quality-driven products with fully insured and licensed offices in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Udon Thani. Our mission is to provide global travelers with the unforgettable quality experience in their journey. May it be a trip on business, vacation, education, community field excursion or even MICE travel with team-building activities, we strive to give our utmost best to all our clients. The emphasis on the research of the latest travel trend allows us to include our foray into unmatched experiences, connecting us with our local and global network in all arrangements. This in turn, allows us to meet and exceed our customer's expectations. Our team of professionals who has been in this business for over two decades are listed below:- Dusit / CEO An ardent global traveler and mastermind of international travel ideas, one who has been spearheading the team to deliver only the safest and best to clients. dusit@thedeparture.co.th Mobile Phone : +66 83 783 7733 Raymond Lee / Oversea Director bdd@thedeparture.co.th Mobile Phone : +66 93 2390913 A Singaporean native who has been in Thailand for three decades, a nine-language multilingual professional in the hospitality and travel trade since 1986. Supporting as an advisor and regional business development specialist for the emerging travel markets, Raymond is one who is in the centre of Thai culture and business know-hows, always updating and preparing new destinations or programmes for all our clients. Walairat Suwanpahu / General Manager gm@thedeparture.co.th Mobile Phone : +66 97 9683897 A specialist in the hospitality and travel trade since 1986. In the course of her career, Walairat has travelled extensively to the Americas and around Asia ending up as a resident in Singapore. One who is fully immersed in Western, Asian and especially Singaporean culture. She is also multilingual and ensures all operations are 24/7 in delivering. Marketing : Mr. Yothin Koo (Bangkok) Mobile Phone : +66 95 190 9991 Operation : Mr. Surat Thongboonmee (Udon thani) Moble Phone : +66 88 557 3097
เบอร์โทร : 0951909991
อีเมล : info@thedeparture.co.th
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